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    Daisuke Kanazawa, Collaborative Researcher
    Naoko Ishii, Project Professor
    Yasunori Kikuchi, Professor

A research paper from Project Prof. Naoko Ishii’s group and Prof. Yasunori Kikuchi was published in “Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan”

While the chemical industry provides a wide range of products, such as plastics, which support our modern life, it directly and indirectly poses threats to the Planetary Boundaries (such as greenhouse gas emissions, microplastics, and nitrogen and phosphorus runoff).

This paper presents several quantitative pathways for the Japanese chemical industry to transition to net-zero GHG emissions while respecting the Planetary Boundaries. It also presents approaches necessary to achieve this goal, along with key elements in business strategy. These approaches could also apply to chemical industries in other countries and regions with similar constraints.

Research title:

Scope 1, 2, and 3 Net Zero Pathways for the Chemical Industry in Japan


Daisuke Kanazawa, Andreas Wagner, Alexandre B. Kremer, Jane J. Leung, Shajeeshan Lingeswaran, Peter Goult, Sophie Herrmann, Naoko Ishii, Yasunori Kikuchi.


Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan


Daisuke Kanazawa
Collaborative Researcher, Center for Global Commons, Institute for Future Initiatives