International Society for Sustainability Science (ISSS)

About ISSS

Goals and Objectives

The over-arching goal of ISSS is to overcome the limitations of traditional fragmented academic disciplines in addressing the pre-eminent issue of the 21st century:  building sustainable society. 

ISSS will promote integration and cooperation among diverse academic fields and across geographic and national borders with a particular focus on developing and enhancing top-flight academic programs in sustainability science.  

The importance of preparing the next generation of leaders in academia, industry, government and civil society with the tools and skills they need to promote sustainability, no matter where their careers may lead them, cannot be overstated.   For sustainability is not a fixed goal but, rather, a dynamic force for transformation that can only be maintained if future thought leaders are prepared to meet the challenges that such societal evolution demands.

To meet these goals, ISSS will:

  • Strengthen academia’s reception of and commitment to education in sustainability science through the sharing of experiences and celebration of institutional success
  • Create, enhance, and promote a scientifically-based vision of a sustainable future for the world and its inhabitants through the society’s focus on education
  • Provide expanded opportunities for international and interdisciplinary collaborations among faculty and students engaged in sustainability science research and education
  • Expand opportunities for universities and research institutions located in developing countries to participate in these collaborations 
  • Promote development of a new base of scientific knowledge that is specifically aimed at societal transformation for sustainability
  • Strive to enhance synergies and reduce duplication of effort within the community of sustainability science scholars

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You can download ISSS brochures in PDF format.

ISSS Brochure (PDF, 190KB)


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