Tokyo Forum 2022: Shaping the Future -Dialogue between Philosophy and Science-

  • Date:
    2022.12.01(Thu.) 2022.12.02(Fri.)
  • Time:
    December 1, 4:00-9:35 (EST); 9:00-12:35 (GMT); 18:00 –21:35 (JST)
    December 2, 3:00-9:45 (EST); 8:00-12:45 (GMT); 17:00 –21:45 (JST)
  • Venue:
    Yasuda Auditorium, The University of Tokyo (both in-person and live streaming)
  • Organizers:

    The University of Tokyo(Japan)
    Chey Institute for Advanced Studies(Korea)

  • Language:

    English(simultaneous interpretation in Japanese available)

  • Admission:


  • Registration:

The University of Tokyo (“UTokyo”) and Chey Institute for Advanced Studies (“Chey Institute”) co-host international conference “Tokyo Forum” annually from 2019.

“Tokyo Forum 2022” will focus on “Dialogue between Philosophy and Science: In a World Facing War, Pandemic, and Climate Change”.

In the face of war, a pandemic, and climate change, we cannot repeat the history of the last century, in which our ancestors headed down the road to division, global conflict, and environmental destruction. Philosophy of the 21st century must contribute to the construction of a new universality based on locality and diversity. Science in the 21st century also needs to dispense with its overarching aura of supremacy and lack of self-criticism.

How can we live more fully and how do we find a new common understanding about what our society should be? Tokyo Forum 2022 will tackle these questions through a series of in-depth dialogues between philosophy and science.

Main Speakers

Paul ALIVISATOS (President, The University of Chicago)
BAN Ki-Moon (Former Secretary General, The United Nations)
HASEGAWA Mariko (President, Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
Markus GABRIEL (Professor, University of Bonn; Academic Director, THE NEW INSTITUTE)
Jeffrey SACHS (President, The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network; Director, Center for Sustainable Development, Columbia University)
Naoko ISHII (Executive Vice President; Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives; Director, Center for Global Commons, The University of Tokyo)
Nazia HUSSAIN (Assistant Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo)

Inquiry For Tokyo Forum 2022

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