Social Media Policy

This policy outlines how the official social media accounts (hereinafter “accounts”) managed by the University of Tokyo Institute for Future Initiatives (IFI) (hereinafter the “IFI”) are used and how they communicate information. Note that this policy may be subject to change without prior notice.


Purpose of Social Media Use

Through coordination with the IFI website(, social media platforms are used to disseminate information related to IFI, including its educational and research activities, findings and events, with the purpose of enhancing outreach and engagement.


IFI currently manages the following accounts:


  1. Content of posts
    IFI posts information related to its activities, taking the utmost caution not to infringe upon the privacy, reputations, likenesses or trademarks of others and to be in compliance with relevant laws.
  2. Replies and comments
    Replies and comments generally are not given in response to posts and messages received from users through the accounts. Please contact IFI via this inquiry form regarding any questions, etc. about IFI-posted content to the accounts. Also, comments and posts deemed inappropriate may be hidden or deleted without consent from the user commenting.
  3. Shares, retweets, likes and follows
    IFI may share, retweet, like or follow other accounts or content only when they are related to the IFI activities. Also, such actions do not imply any endorsement of a certain account by IFI.

Intellectual Property Rights

Photographs, illustrations, audio, video, articles and other intellectual property posted on the accounts belong to IFI or to their rightful owners.
Copyrights and other rights associated with comments, etc. posted onto the accounts belong to the users who post them. However, by posting, these users grant IFI the royalty-free, non-exclusive right to use their posted content (including by editing, reproducing or translating), and agree not to exercise copyright or other rights on IFI.


While IFI makes thorough efforts to communicate accurate information from the accounts, it bears no responsibility for any actions taken by users based on this information. IFI also bears no responsibility for any trouble or conflict between users or users and third parties resulting from comments posted by users to these accounts or regarding these accounts in general. IFI is not responsible for damages suffered by users as a result of interacting with, or being unable to interact with, its social media accounts.


Please direct any inquiry about IFI social media policy to Contact Form.