SSU Forum / Book Launch Event “Xi Jinping’s Military Strategy”

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    Online Seminar (Zoom Webinar)
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    Security Studies Unit (SSU), Institute for Future Initiatives

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    Japanese (English simultaneous translation available)

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What does China mean by realizing a “Strong Military Dream” and “Strong Military Goal”? What does China aim to achieve? Why doesn’t the People’s Liberation Army seek to defect from the Chinese Communist Party? This seminar will explore China’s military-strategic goals, economic statecraft, and what China calls the “overall national security concept” under the Xi Jinping administration. It will examine the country’s domestic politics, ideology, and financial resources, which hold the key to the robustness of the party-military relationship under Xi’s leadership. This forum will also assess the possibility of China’s further military expansion—particularly when the country’s economic growth is slowing down—and its implications.


Speaker 1: Ryo ASANO
Professor, Faculty of Law Department of Political Science, Doshisha University

Speaker 2: Takahiro TSUCHIYA
Associate Professor, Business School of Kyoto University of Advanced Science

Discussant: Jaehwan LIM
Professor, Department of International Politics, Aoyama Gakuin University

Moderator: Ryo SAHASHI
Associate Professor, International Relations Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo


*The conference is organized by subsidies from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.