SDGs Symposium 2024 – Planetary health for Sustainability: Towards transformative solutions for a Healthy Planet

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    14:30-17:40(JST) Symposium
    17:50-19:30(JST) Student poster session, Networking event
  • Venue:
    Onsite participants : Sanjo Conference Hall Main Conference Room, The university of Tokyo, Hongo campus
    Online participants : Zoom webinar
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    Springer Nature
    The University of Tokyo

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    (simultaneous Japanese translation)

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The 2024 SDGs Symposium will explore these intersections between planetary health and sustainability.
We wish to take this opportunity to invite renowned researchers from Japan and abroad, as well as students and early career researchers, working at this interface of planetary health and SDGs.
Our aim is to actively discuss how this research can explain these multifaceted phenomena and develop equitable solutions with high societal relevance and impact.


SDGs Symposium

  • 14:30-14:40
    Opening Remarks

    Kensuke Fukushi
    (Director and Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives (IFI), The University of Tokyo)

    Antoine Bocquet
    (Managing Director, Springer Nature Japan)

  • 14:40-15:20

    【Keynote 1】
    Chiho Watanabe
    (Professor and Executive Advisor to the President (Planetary Health), Nagasaki University)

    【Keynote 2】
    Magdalena Skipper
    (Editor-in-Chief, Nature, Chief Editorial Advisor, Nature Portfolio)

  • 15:20-16:05

    【Plenary 1】
    Yoonhee Kim
    (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)

    【Plenary 2】
    Nobuo Nishi
    (Dean and Professor, St. Luke’s International University)

    【Plenary 3】
    Saori Kashima
    (Associate Professor, Hiroshima University)

    【Plenary 4】
    Emiko Nishimura
    (Director, Global Health Team, Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA))

  • 16:05-16:20
  • 16:20-17:30
    Panel Discussion (with all keynote and plenary speakers)

    Fumiko Kasuga (Professor, Nagasaki University)

  • 17:30-17:40
    Closing Remarks

    Teruo Fujii
    (President, The University of Tokyo)

Networking event

  • 17:50-19:30
    Networking event

    Student poster session 


Secretariat of SDGs Symposium 2024
E-mail: sdg_sympo2024★★→@)

The University of Tokyo and Springer Nature jointly organized a symposium on cities, nature, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on 28 February 2023. This was the fourth SDGs Symposium between the University of Tokyo and Springer Nature, following three symposia in 2019, 2021 and 2022, each focusing on a separate Sustainable Development Goal. The 2023 symposium focused on SDG11— “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and its intersections with other SDGs. This reflected the consensus between the organizing teams that the rapid pace of urbanization observed globally has important ramifications for sustainability, especially in relation to shifts in lifestyles and consumptions patterns that affect nature in ever-increasing distances. Many urban processes, ranging from consumption and waste generation to access to infrastructure and resources, sharpen inequalities within and between cities and between urban and rural areas.

The thematic focus of the 2023 SDGs Symposium on cities, nature and sustainability aligns well with the underlying long-term goal of this series of symposia to share the significance of adopting an integrated intellectual approach (“Sougouchi”) to solve global sustainability challenges, by including in the discussion both experienced scholars and practitioners and the next generation of scholars.

To reflect these goals, the 2023 SDGs Symposium brought together leading international academics and publishers with long experience on cross-cutting themes of cities, nature, and sustainability, with emerging academics and students from Japan. There was special attention to achieve inclusivity among the speakers in terms of disciplines, affiliation, gender, and stage of their career. The speakers included two globally leading international academics (Prof. Bai, Prof Elmqvist), the Editor-in-Chief of Springer Nature (Sir Campbell), the Chief Editor of Nature Sustainability (Dr. Contestabile) and two up-and-coming academics from Japan (Dr. Soga, Dr. Shimpo). The SDGs Symposium was hosted by the Institute for Future Initiatives (IFI), which represents a hub of researchers practicing integrated research efforts within the University of Tokyo.

Of the approximately 1,400 registered participants from 97 countries, 453 participants attended the 2023 SDGs Symposium. 63 attended in person at Ito International Research Center, the University of Tokyo and 390 online from different parts of the world. Approximately 56% of the online audience joined from Japan and 44% from other countries. Beyond academic and research institutions, many of the participants were affiliated with the private sector, government agencies, and civil society, showing the transdisciplinary appeal of the event. Many registrants were students and early career researchers.
*For the full report, please see below.