Tokyo Forum2021: Shaping the Future -Science and the Human mind-

  • Date:
    2021.12.02(Thu.) 2021.12.03(Fri.)
  • Time:
    2021.12.2(Thu)20:00-23:00・2021.12.3(Fri) 20:00-23:40(JST)
  • Location:
    Online symposium
  • Host:

    The University of Tokyo
    Chey Institute for Advanced Studies

  • Language:

    English(simultaneous interpretation in Japanese available)

  • Registration:

Tokyo Forum is an international conference series that the University of Tokyo created together with the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies of South Korea in 2019.

Tokyo Forum 2021 will focus on “Science and the Human Mind”. Science has shown remarkable development in recent years and has made our lives increasingly convenient and efficient, for example through the expansion of the internet or remote medical treatment using AI.

However, it is ironic that in some ways we feel more anxious as a result of this scientific development. The digital divide has widened. More people and information cross national boundaries, causing anxiety in local communities. Anxiety fuels exclusive nationalism in people’s minds. Competition between major powers intensifies, forcing countries in between to make difficult choices. Science has once again become a tool for international contention rather than a common good shared by the human race.

How can we develop science, and at the same time explain and cope with the new apprehension it causes in our minds? How can we promote science as a means for encouraging and uniting people on a global scale? Please join us to investigate this multifaceted question from interdisciplinary perspectives.

Program December 2, 2021
  • 20:00-20:10
    Opening Remarks①

    FUJII Teruo
    President, The University of Tokyo

  • 20:10-20:20
    Opening Remarks②

    CHEY Tae-Won
    Chairman, SK Group

  • 20:20-20:40
    Keynote Address①

    Marvin Chun
    Dean of Yale College, Richard M. Colgate Professor of Psychology; Neuroscience; Cognitive Science, Yale University

  • 20:40-21:00
    Keynote Address②

    KUMA Kengo
    Architect, University Professor and Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo

  • 21:05-21:55
    High-level Talk Session
    Science and Humanities
  • 22:00-22:55
    Panel Discussion
    Global Commons Stewardship Based on Science and Empathy
  • 22:55-23:00
Program December 3, 2021
  • 20:00-20:05
    Opening for Second Day
  • 20:05-20:55
    Cross-disciplinary Discussion
    Trust Building for Collective Actions
  • 20:55-21:45
    Panel 1-A
    Toward Building Trustworthy AI and Society with Mutual Respect
  • 20:55-21:45
    Panel 1-B
    The Resilient Brain: Mental Health in Balance with Society and Planet
  • 21:50-22:40
    Panel 2-A
    Technology and Human Nature
  • 21:50-22:40
    Panel 2-B
    Anxiety Among International Relations Caused by the Progress of Science and Technology
  • 22:45-23:30
    Wrap-up Session
  • 23:30-23:40

    FUJII Teruo
    President, The University of Tokyo

    PARK In-Kook
    President, Chey Institute for Advanced Studies, Former Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the United Nations Former President, Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies

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