Restructuring Global Health Governance through Global Solidarity
Japan’s Role Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

Global Health Governance Study Group


Summary 1

1. Background 2

2. Specific Issues and Policy Options 5
-Governance 5
-Financing 5
-Development, procurement, and distribution of medical resources 6
-Sample sharing 7
-International transportation: Response to cases of infectious disease on foreign vessels 8
-Ensuring implementation 9
-Redefining IHR core capacities and reexamining UHC based on lessons from the COVID-19 experience 10

3. The Course of Action Japan Should Take 11
-Recommendation 1: Restructuring global health governance by promoting multilayered efforts through ad hoc collaborative initiatives 11
-Recommendation 2: Rebuilding global health financing: Strategic enhancement of collaboration with multilateral frameworks 13
-Recommendation 3: Enhancing systems to develop, procure, and provide medical resources as global primary goods 15
-Recommendation 4: Balancing measures against infectious diseases and open international traffic and trade: Response to infectious diseases on foreign vessels 17
-Recommendation 5: Promoting resilient, flexible, and equitable UHC: Further contribution to capacity building 18

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