Associate Professor Yasunori Kikuchi won the Honda Prize for Recycling Technology Development for his joint research

A new electric pulse technology has been developed to precisely separate particles of cathode active material applied to the current
collecting foil of lithium-ion battery cathode without chemical changes in the material.
This technology enables not only high-precision recycling of cathode active material, but also direct recycling as battery material, which can simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as improve resource efficiency, as confirmed by a life cycle assessment (Ex-Ante LCA) conducted in advance.

Honda Prize for Recycling Technology Development

Development of High-Precision Separation Technology for Lithium-Ion Batteries Using a Novel Electric Pulse Method

Dr. Chiharu TOKORO  Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Dr. Takao NAMIHIRA  Institute of Industrial Nanomaterials, Kumamoto University
Dr. Yasunori KIKUCHI Institute for Future Initiatives, the University of Tokyo