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    Masahiro Sugiyama, Associate Professor

A research paper from Assoc. Prof. Masahiro Sugiyama’s group published at “One Earth”

Global warming countermeasures are currently underway around the world, but not on a large enough scale to limit the temperature increase to well below 2°C or 1.5°C. There are a variety of options for climate change mitigation, but there are impediments to their progress. However, integrated and comprehensive assessment of barriers to, and enablers of, climate change mitigation options has been lacking.

This paper presents a new analytical framework on feasibility assessment. The framework consists of six dimensions: geophysical, environmental, technological, economic, socio-cultural, and institutional. The assessment reveals that institutional factors inhibit the implementation of many options.

The analytical framework presented in this paper is also the one used in the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Research title:

A method to identify barriers to and enablers of implementing climate change mitigation options

Joint Researchers:

Linda Steg, Janet Veldstra, Kiane de Kleijne, Şiir Kılkış, André F.P. Lucena, Lars J. Nilsson, Masahiro Sugiyama, Pete Smith, Massimo Tavoni, Heleen de Coninck, Renée van Diemen, Phil Renforth, Sebastian Mirasgedis, Gregory Nemet, Robert Görsch, Helene Muri, Paolo Bertoldi, Luisa F. Cabeza, Érika Mata, Aleksandra Novikova, Lucas R. Caldas, Marta Chàfer, Radhika Khosla, David Vérez,


One Earth
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.oneear.2022.10.007


Masahiro Sugiyama
Associate Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives