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    Akiyuki Kawasaki, Professor

A research paper from Prof. Akiyuki Kawasaki’s group published at “Habitat International”

An international co-authored paper with Yale University, USA, presents the results of a spatial and temporal analysis of the socio-economic status of the slums scattered in Yangon, Myanmar. The study revealed that the socio-economic status of the slums in Yangon, which have rarely been studied, differs according to the period of their formation.

Research title:

Spatial and temporal impacts on socio-economic conditions in the Yangon slums

Joint Researchers:

Nyi Linn Maung, Akiyuki Kawasaki, Sunil Amrith


Habitat International
Volume 134
DOI 10.1016/j.habitatint.2023.102768


Akiyuki Kawasaki
Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives
Center for Global Commons