• Paper

    Daisuke Kanazawa, Collaborative Researcher
    Yasunori Kikuchi, Associate Professor
    Naoko Ishii, Professor

A research paper from Prof. Naoko Ishii’s group and Assoc. Prof. Yasunori Kikuchi published at “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”

While the chemical industry provides a wide range of products, such as plastics, that support our modern life, it also poses threats to the Planetary Boundaries (such as greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen and phosphorus runoff, microplastics, etc.) directly and indirectly. This paper presents several quantitative pathways to transform the global chemical industry toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, while respecting the Planetary Boundaries, and identifies concepts, technologies, and policies necessary to achieve this goal.

Research title:

Planet-compatible pathways for transitioning the chemical industry


Fanran Meng, Andreas Wagner, Alexandre B. Kremer, Daisuke Kanazawa, Jane J. Leung, Peter Goult, Min Guan, Sophie Herrmann, Eveline Speelman, Pim Sauter, Shajeeshan Lingeswaran, Martin M. Stuchtey, Katja Hansen, Eric Masanet, André C. Serrenho, Naoko Ishii, Yasunori Kikuchi, and Jonathan M. Cullen


The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, vol.120


Collaborative Researcher, Daisuke Kanazawa
Center for Global Commons, Institute for Future Initiatives, UTokyo