• Paper

    Bo-Kyung Son, Project Assistant Professor
    Katsuya Iijima, Professor

A research paper from Prof. Katsuya Iijima’s group published at “Int J Environ res Public Health”

Research title:

The Co-Design/Co-Development and Evaluation of an Online Frailty Check Application for Older Adults: Participatory Action Research with Older Adults.

Joint Researchers:

Son BK, Miura T, Yabu K, Sumikawa Y, Kim DY, Lyu W, Yang Y, Tanaka M, Tanaka T, Yoshizawa Y, Iijima K.


International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Int J Environ res Public Health) 2023, 20(12), 6101;
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph20126101


Katsuya Iijima
Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives