The 6th Advisory Board Meeting of the UTokyo Future Society Initiative (FSI)

The UTokyo Future Society Initiative (reorganized as the UTokyo Compass Initiative in AY2023) has established an Advisory Board consisting of intellectuals from outside the university, and the Institute for Future Initiatives is in charge of its operation.

The AY2023 Advisory Board meeting for AY2023 was held on February 21, 2024, twenty-one members (10 men and 11 women) from various fields and backgrounds, including businesspeople, social entrepreneurs, executives of international organizations, and experts in SDGs, D&I, design, and sports, attended the meeting, as well as President Fujii and other members of the executive board and department heads of the University.

In the meeting, a campus tour named as “Hongo Gymnastics” was conducted by a total of 11 students (5 men and 6 women). As a way of “dialogue,” the Advisory Board members and the students exchanged opinions about proposals for the University with a view to the “College of Design” concept while walking around the campus.
The digest video of the tour edited by the students is available on the university’s official YouTube page.

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