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    Kazuyo Hanai, Assistant Professor

A research paper from Assist. Prof. Kazuyo Hanai published at “Resources Policy”

In the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where conflict has been ongoing since the 1990s, abundant mineral resources are being used by armed groups and the military force to finance the conflict. Despite the deployment of the world’s largest UN PKO since the 2000s, and the introduction of conflict minerals regulations by the OED and the US in 2010, why can’t conflict and the conflict use of minerals be stopped?

From the perspective of the political economy of conflict, this paper analyzes the reality that although regulations have brought about changes in the behavior of relevant actors on a global scale, they have not stopped conflict because they have not been able to change the mechanisms that link conflict and minerals.

Research title:

Conflict minerals regulation and mechanism changes in the DR Congo


Kazuyo Hanai


Resources Policy, Vol.74(2021)


Kazuyo Hanai
Assistant Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives