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    Alexandros Gasparatos, Associate Professor

A research paper from Assoc. Prof. Alexandros Gasparatos published at “Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews”

New paper published by Assoc. Prof. Alexandros Gasparatos at Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

Biofuels have been promoted as a renewable energy option in many countries, but have also faced extensive scrutiny over their sustainability. Food security is perhaps the most debated sustainability impact of biofuels, especially in regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa that experience high rates of malnutrition and have been a major destination for biofuel-related investments.

This study assesses the local food security impacts of engagement in biofuel crop production using a consistent protocol between multiple crops and sites. The results suggest that biofuel crop production can have very differentiated outcomes on local food security depending on various factors such as the type of crop, production model and engagement in biofuel production value chains.

Research title:

Local food security impacts of biofuel crop production in southern Africa

Joint Researchers:

A.Gasparatos, S.Mudombi, B.S.Balde, G.P.von Maltitz, F.X.Johnson, C.Romeu-Dalmau, C.Jumbe, C.Ochieng, D.Luhanga, A.Nyambane, C.Rossignoli, M.P.Jarzebski, R.Dam Lam, E.B.Dompreh, K.J.Willise


Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Volume 154, February (2022)


Alexandros Gasparatos
Associate Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives