• Thomas Elmqvist

    Visiting Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives
    Professor, Department of Systems Ecology and Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm University

Thomas Elmqvist, PhD, is a professor in Natural Resource Management. He was involved in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and principal investigator of several multidisciplinary projects in Africa. He serves as associated editor for the journals Ecology and Society, Conservation and Society, Ambio and Sustainability Science. He is currently a co-chair of the Science Committee bioSustainability, as part of Diversitas and participated in the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity project (www.teebweb.org).

Research interests

His research is focused on ecosystem services, land use change, natural disturbances and components of resilience including the role of social institutions. He is coordinating a major interdisciplinary research themes as part of the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University, focussing on governance and management of ecosystem services in urban landscapes, involving multiple urban landscapes around the world.