• Kiichi Fujiwara

    Professor, Graduate Schools of Law and Politics


Kiichi Fujiwara is professor of International Politics and Director of Institute for Future Initiatives at the University of Tokyo. A graduate of the University of Tokyo, Professor Fujiwara studied as a Fulbright student at Yale University. He first joined the faculty at Chiba University, moved to Institute of Social Science, and has taught at the Graduate Schools for Law and Politics since 1999. Prof. Fujiwara’s works include Remembering the War (2001); A Democratic Empire (2002); Is There a Just War? (2003); Peace for Realists (winner of the Ishibashi Tanzan award, 2005), International Politics (2007), and Conditions of War, (2013). Professor Fujiwara is a regular commentator on international affairs who writes a monthly column for the Asahi. He also writes a weekly film review for the Mainichi.