• Hiroo Ide

    Hiroo Ide
    Project Associate Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives

Hiroo Ide is a Project Assistant Professor at the Institute for Future Initiatives (IFI), the University of Tokyo from 2018. He Hold a Ph. D in medical science from the University of Tokyo in 2011, MA from Keio University in 1998. Prior to IFI, he worked at the University of Tokyo hospital and Chiba University hospital. He studied as a fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health.
He has conducted research on human resources and health care delivery systems using mainly quantitative methods by using individual data of public statistics (he received his PhD from the University of Tokyo on human resource issues in 2011). In recent years, he has been working with governments and health insurers to and conducting policy research on standardization of health insurers’ business plans, and health productivity management (HPM).He is also interested in the field of long-term care, examining the development process of new technologies for home care, and examining social factors of countermeasures against COVID-19 in long-term care facilities.
In addition to his research, he has been involved in hospital administration for many years and has been involved in educational activities related to the management and operation of medical institutions.

ORCID ID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2269-7836

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