• Nazia Hussain

    Nazia Hussain
    Project Assistant Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives

Nazia HUSSAIN is a Project Assistant Professor at the Policy Alternatives Research Institute (PARI) of the University of Tokyo. She earned her PhD in Public Policy from the Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University. She has been the recipient of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Policy Research, United Nations University and Fulbright scholarship for an MA in International Relations from Boston University. Her work focuses on intersections of political violence, informality, organized crime and terrorism within the context of cities in developing countries and how their dynamics are contributing to local and regional processes with relevance for global concerns. She has contributed book chapters and papers on organized crime and terrorism, violence and informality in cities as well as policy monographs for Oxfam America and World Bank.