Report “Data, AI Governance, and COVID-19: Medium and Long-Term Perspectives for Asia”

In response to the coronavirus (hereafter referred to as COVID-19) pandemic of 2019-20, various IT/AI technologies such as tracking app, contact confirming app, and facial recognition systems that automatically recognize images of appropriate social distances and urge caution are being promoted. However, these technologies raise concern about the balance between public benefits and individual privacy, and whether such measures will lead to new discrimination and prejudice. In Asian countries where the first wave of infection surged prior to other regions, various technical attempts have been implemented from an early stage, and measures are being taken with a view of medium and long-term prospects during the pandemic and beyond. We are now living in and with the pandemic and we have to reconstruct our relationships between technologies and environment.
The report focuses on Asia, particularly China, South Korea, Singapore, and Japan, where the infection spread first emerged.

This report is the original English version of a special issue published by Information Processing Society of Japan (IPCJ) magazine, Vol.61, No.10 (Oct. 2020)

The full text can be downloaded below:

Data, AI Governance, and COVID-19: Medium and Long-Term Perspectives for Asia

Arisa Ema
Project Assistant Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives