Report “AI Principles to Practice: An Introduction to International Activities”

The title of this report, “From Principles to Practice,” is also a sub-title of the chapter “Ethically Aligned Design, 1st edition,” published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in March 2019. Currently, many principles and guidelines on AI ethics have been published, but it is difficult to see from the outside how to tackle them, what kind of organizational efforts are being made, and who are the major stakeholders in the first place.
Therefore, in this report, those who are leading and working on the formation of communities and networks for AI ethics and governance internationally introduce their activities, and at the same time, describe their current efforts in practice, their challenges, and their expectations for Japan and the Japanese research community in the future.

The Japanese version of this report can be found in the Journal of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, vol. 36, No. 2 (March 2021).

The report can be downloaded from the following link.

AI Principles to Practice: An Introduction to International Activities”

Arisa Ema, Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo