SDG Labs – Biodiversity Solution for Change

We are delighted to announce the 10 SDG Labs selected for the International Conference on Sustainability Science 2020.

The 10 selected SDG Labs

  • Biodiversity in Action: accelerating data digitization for innovative cropping system
    Armine Abrahamyan, Dr.biol.sci, Armenian National Agrarian University, International Research Program Unit
  • Brazilian Ocean Horizons: A Network-Based Sustainability Transition Experiment for the Brazilian Blue Economy
    Leopoldo Cavaleri Gerhardinger, Brazilian Future Ocean Panel (PainelMar)
  • Climate Change in Eastern Himalayas: Traditional Knowledge relating to the Biodiversity to Support Community-Based Adaption Plan
    YIN LUN, Center for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge (CBIK)
  • Forestry-tea Ecosystem Services and Influence on Local Livelihood: the Case of Tea Forests in Yunnan, China
    Li Faying (Jason Lee), Southwest Forestry University (SWFU)
  • Indigenous biodiversity-based climate risk insurance in Asian mountain regions
    Denise Margaret Matias, Institute for Social-Ecological Research in Frankfurt Main: ISOE
  • In vitro propagation of Eurycoma longifolia and the evaluation of bioactive compound of its callus culture
    Tutun Nugraha, Ph.D, International University Liaison Indonesia
  • Promoting traditional agroforestry farming system for sustainable watershed forest management in the north-eastern region of Thailand
    Dr. Jintana Kawasaki, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan
  • Conserving biodiversity of homestead windbreaks and home garden for food security and rural development
    Bixia Chen, University of the Ryukyus, Japan
  • Immersive ecotourism in Tampolo Protected Area towards sustainable development
    R. Ntsiva N. Andriatsitohaina, Researcher, Madagascar Forest Company Corporation Association in collaboration with Mention Foresterie et Environnement of High School of Agricultural Sciences
  • Research to establish the role Karimojong Nomadic Indigenous Pastoralist play in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity
    Ismael Ocen, Ocean One Social Research Centre, Teso, Uganda