Co-JUNKAN platform towards beyond zero-carbon society


For sustainable development of the region, we need to aim for “Beyond Zero Carbon,” where net-zero carbon initiatives lead to the enrichment of the region in terms of the environment, ecosystem, food production, employment, and development of traditions and culture. In order to realize this goal, it is extremely important to design an optimal system that meets the unique conditions of the region using the latest scientific and technological approaches, and to collaborate among local people with local knowledge (characteristics and sentiments), researchers with cutting-edge knowledge, and engineers and companies with technology and implementation capabilities, in other words, industry, academia, and public co-creation.

In this unit, we will develop and implement the Co-JUNKAN platform, where technology, knowledge, and people can circulate among industry, academia, and the public in an organic and sophisticated manner. RE-CODE, an information infrastructure that enables access to data related to various technologies and knowledge, will be implemented and utilized in the Co-learning environment, where diverse people of different generations and positions can learn from each other, enabling us to preemptively envision and realize the future society.

In particular, we will develop and demonstrate Co-learning practices and technological systems indispensable for BEYOND “Zero Carbon”, such as transportation, energy, agriculture and forestry GX, and energy supply and demand structure, at regional satellites in Iwate Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture, Sado City, Nishinoomote City, Nakatane Town, Minami-Tane Town, Queensland, and other regions.