University Industry and University Society Partnership
Research Unit


Today, society is increasingly demanding intellectual contributions from universities to address social problems, such as innovations to resolve societal issues, the construction of new societal systems, and international cooperation. Universities also are expected to cooperate more closely with society in honing this knowledge and enhancing educational research activity.

To expand cooperation between society and universities, reform is needed to reduce friction, widen the scope of, and improve the effectiveness of the interfaces between the two (including relevant organizations, rules, specialists, and methods), building on the first decade or so of experience of cooperation between industry and academia based on changes to national innovation systems around the world. However, there are currently no concrete strategies designed to achieve this. We therefore seek to establish a unit to undertake research relating to university-society cooperation and recommend strategies based on this research.

Main research topics include:
  • The intellectual property rights system and cooperation between industry and academia
  • Risk management relating to cooperation between industry, academia, and government