Research Unit for University’s System Reform of
Higher Education and Academic Research

【Research activities ended on 31 March 2021】


With a strong recognition of the paradigm shift toward a knowledge-intensive society, there has been a widespread discussion of university education and research system reform as a policy issue to promote more effective scientific and technical innovation and realize a revolution in human resource development. In the Growth Strategy 2018 (June 9, 2017), the Japanese government has stipulated their plans for implementation in the near future.

Research Outlines

This research unit will address the significant and urgent needs of society for policy research and scientific advice in the fields of university research and education systems. It will conduct research and share results on themes such as the paradigm shift toward a knowledge-intensive society and universities transitioning to regional hub of knowledge network, as well as the revolution in the university education system (addressing issues including free higher education and strengthening areas of growth and recurrent education).