AI Governance Project Cybernetic Avatar Society Study Group

Cybernetic Avatar (CA) technology allows diverse people to maximize their own abilities and share the skills and experiences. By acquiring a “new body” called a cybernetic avatar, it will be possible to create a society in which everyone can operate freely beyond the physical limitations. It is necessary to discuss the legal, ethical, and social implications from the upstream to determine what such a society should look like and what issues need to be addressed before it can be implemented in society.


This study group will promote knowledge exchange among technology developers, researchers in the humanities and social sciences, policy makers, and people who will actually use the CA technology. This study group is hosted by the Institute for Future Initiatives at the University of Tokyo and the Research Center on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues at Osaka University.


This study group is a first step and is a part of the research of “Cybernetic Avatar Technology and Social System Design for Harmonious Co-experience and Collective Ability,” which is a part of the Japanese government’s Moonshot R&D Program Goal #1: “Realization of a society in which human beings can be free from limitations of body, brain, space, and time by 2050.”

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