News / Events

  • 202108.01
    10th Research Meeting
  • 202107.20tue
    Working Papers Series No.4″ “Can “China Model” Compete?: Evolving State Capitalism and Military-Civil Fusion Strategy”
  • 202107.15thu
    SSU Forum/GraSPP Research Seminar “US Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Implications and Lessons Learned”
  • 202106.18fri
    SSU Forum/GraSPP Research Seminar“ Indo-Pacific Strategy: The Netherlands Indo-Pacific Guidelines and the European Union Context”
  • 202104.26mon
    9th Research Meeting
  • 202103.29mon
    SSU Forum “The Functions and Policies of the Japanese National Security Council”
  • 202103.24wed
    2020 Essays/Working Papers
  • 202101.18mon
    SSU Forum “Japan-US-China Triangle Relations after the 2020 Presidential Election”
  • 202012.18fri
    12th Five University Conference