IFI JMIP Energy Seminar(2021/12/7)

Title: Global to national to local – examples of energy systems modelling at different resolutions.

Speaker:Professor Brian Ó Gallachóir
Language : English
DATE:2021.12.7 (Tue) 17:00p.m.-18:00p.m.(JST)
VENUE: ONLINE Seminar (Zoom meeting)

Abstract: Energy systems modelling is undertaken at different spatial resolutions (from global to national to local) and at different temporal resolutions (from multi-hour to minutes). The reasons for using different resolutions depends on the research questions being asked, the models being used and data and computing time available. This presentation will explore a number of these different resolutions drawing on examples from research undertaken at the MaREI Centre in Ireland. Methods and results will be presented ranging from i) a new global electricity dispatch model to add value to integrated assessment models and improve global policy insights, ii) improvements in national energy systems modelling to inform Government policy decisions and iii) development local energy models to support local climate action.