Japan Model Intercomparison Platform (JMIP) for Sustainable Futures

Mission statement

The Japan Model Intercomparison Platform (JMIP) for Sustainable Futures has been established as a credible, transparent, and trusted forum to discuss model-based scenarios and related analyses. The transition to sustainability is ever more urgent, and scenario analysis is receiving increasing attention from not just national policymakers but also
municipalities, prefectures, businesses, and civil society. Scenario analysis can guide such transition in areas like climate change, energy, and biodiversity. The mission of JMIP is to serve as a platform for sustainability model intercomparison. We will promote information exchange among modelers, dialogue between modelers and policy makers/stakeholders,
and build networks with overseas researchers and stakeholders. Through these activities, we will promote a better use of insights based on multi-model analysis.


JMIP was spun off of Stanford Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) 35 Japan Model Intercomparison Project, a project that analyzed long-term energy and climate policy and culminated in the special feature on energy scenarios in the March 2021 issue of Sustainability Science. We build on the success of EMF 35 and other related model projects in fields such as climate change mitigation, long-term energy policy, biodiversity, and other sustainability-related domains.

Short-term plan

JMIP will implement the following items in the short term.

  • Implementation of model intercomparison projects with participation of multiple models.
  • Development of briefing materials and tutorials on scenarios and models in the field of climate change and sustainable development.
  • Organizing workshops with stakeholders.
  • Development of a database of Japanese scenarios and visualization tools.
Research Projects
Past projects


Sugiyama, M., Fujimori, S., Wada, K., Endo, S., Fujii, Y., Komiyama, R., … & Shiraki, H. (2019). Japan’s long-term climate mitigation policy: multi-model assessment and sectoral challenges. Energy, 167, 1120-1131.


Stanford University Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) website (external link)

Sustainability Science website (external link)

Sugiyama, M., Fujimori, S., Wada, K., & Weyant, J. (2021). Introduction to the special feature on energy scenarios for long-term climate change mitigation in Japan. Sustainability Science, 16, 347-353.