Data Governance Research Unit


Our objective is to propose standard rules for data handling norms with respect to the combined use of personal information and physical space services to realise the goals sought by Society 5.0.

Research Outlines

“Data Governance Research Unit” is engaged in research on data governance, focusing on life, healthcare, medical fields, etc.

Specifically, we plan to work on the following issues.

  1. Research on management of medical / healthcare data from a standpoint of individual data portability
  2. Research on rules regarding utilization of personal data and AI, which is carried out in cooperation with academic research institutions and industries
  3. Research on rules regarding utilization of data when industries use SINET for commercial purposes
  4. Establishing a standard for managing the data provenance of digital data
  5. General governance policy and enforcement measures for digital data and AI utilization

As a research method, comparative study of each country and field, questionnaire surveys and living laboratory approaches in order to clarify the social acceptability of utilizing data including personal information will be conducted. Based on these results, we will show the new concept of social system using data including personal information and their governance method to propose a policy recommendation.