Security Studies Unit (SSU) Five-University Network

The five-university network is an inter-university network among the University of Tokyo; Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University; Peking University; Korea University; and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. It was established to strengthen international collaboration in the fields of academic and policy research with the aim of improving the security environment in East Asia, thereby contributing to peace and prosperity in the region.

The University of Tokyo and the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University co-hosted an international workshop in 2006, which brought them together to further promote the network’s international research collaboration. Since 2011, the Security Studies Unit (SSU) of the Institute for Future Initiatives has played a central role in collaborative research activities under supervision of Prof. Kiichi Fujiwara. Prof. Fujiwara has been in charge of leading the University of Tokyo in the program of five-university network, as Director of the SSU. The SSU has made various research achievements by taking full advantage of the international research network comprising established universities and institutions.