AI Governance Project AI and Medicine Study Group

As various technologies are introduced to solve problems in the medical sector, AI and IT are being implemented in the clinical field. Not only doctors but also developers and policymakers are involved in the development and implementation of these systems.

The purpose of this study group is to promote the implementation of new technologies in the medical field by sharing useful information in the development and clinical field based on the experiences and knowledge of physicians, developers, and policymakers through seminars. This study group is organized by Institute for Future Initiative of the University of Tokyo, editorial team of M3, Inc., and AI Medical Center of the Keio University. This work is supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 17KT0157, JST-RISTEX Grant Number JPMJRX16H2, and Toyota Foundation Grant Number D18-ST-0008.

The following links are for the future and the past event.

Medicine × AI Seminar Series