SDGs Collaborative Research Unit The nexus of international politics in climate change and water resource, from the perspective of security studies and SDGs

Climate Change Politics is gaining attention since the beginning of the 21st century, and research on this topic became important in the field of international politics and international relations. This research project will investigate international political nexus in terms of climate change and water resources with case studies of the Global South. The project consists of the following three parts.
Firstly, this research project will clarify how climate change gives stress on societies and politics, and how such stress causes social instability, resource acquisition competition, armed conflicts, and the increase of refugees and immigrants, and shed light on the political mechanism on climate change.
Secondly, this research project will consider how nations and grass-root societies conduct mitigation and adaptation for natural threat and will propose hypnosis of “Climate Change Resilience”.
Finally, this research project will discuss global governance with a combination of “Climate Security”, as a new form of national security, and SDGs, and consider political analysis.