Women in AI Ethics™ Asia-Pacific Summit

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    Women in AI Ethics, Lighthouse3, Microsoft

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    無料~10ドル(詳細はWomen in AI Ethics™ Asia-Pacific Summitウェブサイトをご参照ください)

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    参加ご希望の方はWomen in AI Ethics™ Asia-Pacific Summitウェブサイトからお申込みください。


Pervasive bias in algorithms and flawed Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems pose significant risks to humanity. These problems require urgent discussion, concrete action to reduce harm, increase accountability, and collectively shape the types of outcomes we want to see from AI. Women in AI Ethics (WAIE) is a global initiative by Lighthouse3, a strategic research and advisory firm based in Oakland, California with a mission to increase recognition, representation, and empowerment of brilliant women in this space who are working hard to save humanity from the dark side of AI.

This initiative started with the “100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics” list published by Mia Shah-Dand, CEO of Lighthouse3, to recognize talented women in this space and is now a global online directory. You can read more about our intersectional approach to diversity here. Join us for an entire day of inspiring talks and discussions as we bring together women and allies around the world to discuss the current state of diversity + ethics in AI and build meaningful action plans for progress.

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